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Marriage Tips

Let's all help each other stick our marriages together!

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Need marital tips or have learned something others could bennefit from? Please share. Romance, sex, communication - anything goes.
Let's all be nice though okay. Each to their own - take what you feel you can use - quietly leave what you can't.


This community is now moderated.

Rules of Community


If you have any kinky sexual interest listed in your interests - I will probably ask about them. Hey - each to their own, but to protect the integrity of the community - I will ask. If your journal and your corrospondence with me convinces me that you aren't wanting to join this community to post a bunch of kinky crap to make people here feel weird - then I will approve your membership. I don't care what you do in the privacy of your own home - just don't impose it here. This isn't a sex tips community. Consider this community rated M - or something that might be on Dr. Phil - not XXX or Jerry Springer! We clear????? That being said . . .

2. no spam - if you post spam you will be deleted.

3. membership - if you do not have a valid user account, do not bother too apply for membership! I WILL NOT grant membership to anyone who does not allow access too their user info, anyone who does not have journal entries, anyone who does not have friends listed - or anything that causes suspicion as too the request too join the community. If you are not an active member of the lj community, I will not grant membership.

No Exceptions.

If you are a new lj-user and would like to be a member of this community - you may be asked too wait until your personal journal has proven you too be an active and contributing member of Live Journal. You may then reapply.

I'm not trying to scare people off here. Seriously. We want members - the more the merrier - the more the greater insight and the larger the pool of wisdom.

I'm trying to eliminate spam and porn and all the other negative posts we have been subjected too recently.

Please - if you have suggestions too improve this community - let me know. I would love too work with you.

A link to my other community!

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